Friday, May 29, 2009

Weaning Your Baby onto Solids

dis is more info bout solid food..

The term 'to wean' comes from an ancient phrase that means 'to accustom to'. So weaning refers to the period during which an infant gradually becomes accustomed to food other than milk. There is no right age when your baby should be weaned. However, you can tell when your baby is ready for weaning when he:

-Shows signs of hunger before his usual feed time
-Dribbles and puts things in his mouth
-Can sit up with support
-Shows an interest in your food

It is generally agreed by experts that from 6 months on, a baby would need something more substantial than just milk. However, infants who exhibit poor growth or iron deficiency anaemia may be weaned earlier, between 4 to 6 months, as advised by their doctor or dietitian. Weaning too early, e.g. at 2-3 months, could result in digestive disorders and there is also a higher risk of setting off a food allergy. On the other hand, if the baby is weaned too late, he may not get adequate nutrition and this may lead to growth retardation.

Suitable Weaning Foods
Plain rice cereal is usually given as the first solid food. This can be mixed with breast milk or formula milk. When baby is older, he can progress on to other cereals like wheat and mixed cereals. Some are milk-based and need only water to be added, while others need to be mixed with milk. So mothers must check the labels carefully before preparation.

These cereals are usually fortified with iron to help meet baby's increased need for dietary iron at this time.
*Another option is blended home-cooked rice porridge using white or brown rice.
*Vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots and potatoes can be boiled, mashed or pureed and added to the cereal or rice porridge, or served on their own.
*If necessary, they can be moistened with some milk.
*Fruits such as bananas, papayas and other soft, ripe fruits can be mashed and added to the cereal or scraped and fed to the baby directly. Strained, diluted fruit juices can also be given.

** anyhow, walaupon ur babies da diberi solid food, BF jangan lupe ye.. hehe selain dr baby dapat complete nutrition dr BF, baby juga akan lebih rapat dgn mommynya.. sambil kita BFkan baby sambil kita hug n belai2 dia.. mcm zara.. she loveeee sesangat time BF.. to all mommies, goodluck all!

When should solids be introduced?

When should solids be introduced?
Between 4 and 6 months, although most commonly closer to 6 months. Up to the first 4 to 6 months of an infant’s life, breast milk or formula will provide all their nutritional requirements for growth. At around 6 months, the iron stores that baby gained in utero begin to run low, which is one of the reasons we start solids around this time.

Don’t be tempted to start too early!
Introducing solids too early can be a burden to an underdeveloped digestive system (most babies’ digestive systems remain inadequate up to about 6 months of age), as well as impairing maternal milk supply. Other concerns include increasing the risk of food allergies and exposure to bugs that may lead to diarrhoea and other gastric problems. Most parents soon realise how convenient milk feeding is (especially if it is your second time around). The tendency to want to delay introducing solids creeps into the minds of many of us, however…

Don’t wait too long
According to research, your baby will not benefit from having solids before 6 months. However, if you leave the introduction of solids too late, you risk undermining your baby’s nutritional status. Iron and zinc levels, in particular, decrease in breast milk as your baby’s demand increases. Other problems include immune challenges and reduced motor development, for example, the skill of chewing.

So how much will baby eat at first?
It generally takes about a month from the time of the first introduced food for babies to work up to taking more than 10 ml a day (just over 2 teaspoons), and a month and half to be able to consume more than 100 ml a day.
Babies who were started on solids at a younger age seem to take longer to get to these amounts; hence introducing solids at 6 months appears to shorten the time.

Tips on starting foods
*Foods should be a fine, runny puree and smooth in consistency.
Introduce foods one at a time, and ensure they don’t include salt, sugar or flavourings of any sort.
*Maintaining baby’s milk source helps to ensure that any reactions can be attributed to the single food.
*Rotate foods so that you give the same one only once in a 3-5 day period. There’s nothing worse than eating the same thing over and over again. This will also help reduce the risk of food reaction or allergy, and in the unlikely event of a reaction, it may become evident before the end of the day.
*Once a variety of foods has been introduced successfully, make sure you vary them frequently so that baby gains a balanced diet.
*Variety at this early stage may also help you get through that fussy stage in the toddler years.
*Be persistent. Many studies show that it may take up to 10 opportunities to try a new food before baby accepts it.
*Avocado (mmmm) is a favourite starter because in its fatty acid makeup, it is similar to breast milk.
*Once you’ve diluted it (watered it down) into a runny paste with breast milk or formula it can be an option that baby will enjoy early on.

hmm.. me dah introduce zara solid food since she was 5 month old.. but she refused dengan HEINZ baby solid food.. mungkin x sedap kot.. hehe sbb x fresh.. so me introducekan her dengan bubur nasi + chicken + veggie (mcm carrot la, bayam la, sawi la.. tuka2 la)+ potato.. masak lame2 kasi lembik kaw2.. hehe pastu blend semuanya.. then kasi zara mamam.. yummy and yess.. she LOVE it sooo much.. dr jauh kalau nampak mommy pegang feeding set dia.. dia dah mula jumping around dlm walker dia.. tp.. walau kenyang pon, bila nampak mommy tetap nk BF.. cukupkan syarat dia. hehe love you baby! mwahh

Yeh.. fathers day contest updates!

yeh!.. finally.. my sweeties picture dah update dlm contest ni.. instead of 3 pic that i posted, they choose yg ni... hehe mommy love you two!.. good luck darlings!!.. mwahh mwahh

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my delisha

contest seiras wajah

contest seiras wajah.. gambar ni gambar yang paling me suke.. kami berdua nampak sangat bulat.. huhuhu.. mata bolat, pipi bolat, idung bolat, kepala bolat, tangan pun bolat.. hehehe..
love you baby zara!.

**Nama anak : Zara Iris Delisha
**Tarikh melahirkannya :01 December 2008
**Apa persamaan kamu dan anak :
Persamaan dari segi fizikal adalah sama memiliki mata yang bolat ;) dan pipi yang bolat .. hehehe
Persamaan dari segi perangai, dedua suke bully daddy , we all x bley tengok daddy dok diam.. hahaha like me, asal daddy dok diam je meati bunyi.." be tolong ni jap".. huhu lalu en hubby pun kene le tolong.. as for zara plak : suke usha2 daddy dari jauh, bile daddy dtg dekat siap la dier punya teletah adeeee je nk ngusik daddy dia. n kami dedua suke tgk cartoon. satu hari ngadap cartoon sesame pon x pe... n we love to jalan2.. x kisah la jalan kat mane pon..janji jalan2.. hehehe.

**Kenangan plg manis antara kamu dan si anak : Kenangan paling manis bila kali pertama mata mommy bertemu ngan mata zara.... zara lahir melalui kaedah ceaser n yg bestnya mase ceaser ni mommy sedar so lepas je doc tarik zara kua dr perut mommy, doc terus bawa zara jumpe mommy. n part yg paling best bila doc letak je zara kat depan muka mommy mata zara bulat2 pandang mommy, seolah2 zara tau yang mommy ni mommy zara... saat tu mommy takan lupa sampai bila2.. mommy lah org yang paling gembira hari tu... 1st december 2008, hari yang paling bermakna untuk mommy dan zara..

Father's Day Contest

ERGObaby -All entries can be sent to -1 entry per person; if more than 1 picture is sent, we will choose 1 to be entered -Only first 200 entries can be accepted -Contest closes at 6pm PST on Monday, June 15 -Winner will be announced Friday, June

yehh ... baru ye send them zara's n her dad's nye photo.. hehe..
good luck zara.. good luck en. hubby!.. go go go
they asked for 1 pic tapi bley send lebey n they will choose..
so mommy uploadkan 3 pics.
above tu, pic that i send to the ergo teams..
chaiyok darlings! mwahh

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Delisha in Online Baby Contest

goog luck Hunn!! mwah

bila budak kicik mommy ni majuk

kesat2 mata..sembamkan muka kat tilam.. konon majuk ngan mmmy la tu.

jeling mommy.. sbb mommy soh tdo dia tamo..

last2.... x jadi tido.. tapi jadi model mommy bergambar.. dan inilah hasilnya...

mommy sayang zara.. x kira lah ape pun yg zara buat... walaupon zara xmo tdo seharian... walaupon mommy mmg penat sesangat.. zara tetap buah hati mommy.. mommy puas bila bila hari minggu momy dapat mengadap muka zara seharian.. puas dapat melayan kerenah zara yang macam2...

lepak lepak hari minggu

jantung hati saya!
pada minggu yg lepas ni kami duduk kat umah sniri.. x pegi umah oma ngan tok bah.. haha sbb dah lame x menghabiskan masa dok lepak kat umah... sampaikau mlm minggu tok bah call ckp nk dtg dinner kat umah kami sbb rindukan zara seharian x jumpe.. kekekeke kuat betul penangan anak dare sorang nih... kami pon terus rushing ke kajang bli sateyu sbb x tau nk masak ape... syok plak lepak kat rumah sniri hari minggu.. so plan ngann hubby len kali hari minggu nk leak kt umah je lah.. weekdays je 1 2 hari tdo umah mama. ;p

2 days...out for breakfast

weekend.. sabtu dan ahad.. kami breakfast diluar.. sbb mommy malas nk masak breakfast.. lunch je mommy masak.. huhu nasib baik hubby n zara mmg suke berjalan2 amik udara pagi..
zara x penah lagi dok dlm baby seat kat kedai makan .. ni first time.. punya la enjoy dia.. hehhee... love u both.. mwah

Friday, May 22, 2009

my baby 5 month old

mase ni mama yaya dia sibuk dok bagi zara rasa cupcake.. curi-curi bagi ok!!

ape punya mama la main sumbat je anak sedare dia makanan.. nasib sikit .. kalau banyak tadi ade yg makan pelepuk!.. neway here part of the cara2 mama ya bg zara mamam cupcake..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

to my daughter with love

mommy & daddy sayang kamu!!

lunchie at Nandos

zara had so much fun at Gardens & Mid Valley.. tarik itu tarik ini.. tgk2 semua orang.. huhuhu.. sangat teruja aya ammy nih.. sofea halicia mood x berapa nak baik hari tu.. asik nak nagis je bile aunty n uncle pegang dia.. zara plak x senang duduk bile nampak mommy dia pegang baby lain.. ooo jeless ekk.. huhu.. x bleh nk snap gamba bebanyak sbb bateri kong abes! so nxt time kalo kua lagik mommy nk kene charge camera in advance.. so that babies ni bleh posing2... love u both Iris Delisha n Sofea Halicia!!!.. gorgeous babies!.. pada mummy sofea, jgn malas2 bawak sofea jenjalan ek..hehehe

tercekik tulang ikan??

hadoii sangat sakit n sangat x selesa ok...
ni semua gara2 ikan celup tepung yg tok buat la nih.. tgh hari td lunch makan nasi kerabu..
tok masakkan.. ade sekali ngan ikan celup tepung.. punya la lame x makan nasi kerabu.. so layan lah.. tengah syok2 layan makan.. hadoi.. uhuk uhuk.. terlekat tulang lar... dah mcm petua yg tok ngan abah turunkan, telan nasi kepal, telan roti, minum air tudung periuk n dah berkali2 aku dok jolok2 tekak nih smpai sume makanan dah kua balik.. tapi................. tulang ni masih jugak degil x mau kua.. aaaa sakitnye setiap kali nk telan air liur.. camane nih?.. tolon.. tolonn

Thursday, May 14, 2009

enjoy in tesco baby seat.. huhu

yehhh... zara having so much fun in tesbo baby trolly seat.. kakakka.. ape la my baby nih..
hehe.. x kesah la.. as long as she is appy.. anything mommy will do my dear.. lovvvveeee you sesangat iris darling..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zara 5 month injection

may 11.... bawak zara p inject.. mama teman sekali.. punya la lame tunggu ade la dekat sejam lebih kot.. so lepas penat lelah menunggu.. akhirnya no giliran zara keluar kat tv besar tuh.. huhu. doc timbang zara.. 7.2kg.. semangat anak mommy nih.. doc baringkan zara n inject her.. amazingly zara sikit pon x nanges.. cume dier wat muke pelik.. kekeke.. shayang dier.. then aku tanye doc bleh tak sunatkan sekali sbb zara x sunat lagik.. dah 5 bulan nih.. doc ckp boleh...
aku punya la berderai darah tgk gunting, kapas, ngan ubat kuning tuh.. doc sapu ubat kuning tu then terus gunting.. MasyaAllah.. demi Allah aku rase nak menangis je mase tu.. sebak ade bunyi nanges2 sikit sikit dua tiga kali pastu doc tampalkan kapasthen pakaikan pampers balik.. aku terus dukung zara... dan mase ni zara dah x nanges... kuatnye anak mommy ni... dlm kete on d way balik zara tdo... then mama ckp nk singgah econsave memandangkan zara ok je.. so aku ingat nk lepak dlm kete je.. sampai je parking zara da bangun.. pastu gelak2.. huhu so aku pon ikot je la mama masuk econsave... n sampaila ke malam zara ok je, takde pun nangis ke ape.. mase nk mandikan zara td aku punya la risau takut dia pedih kene air.. tapi dia releks je.. siap main2 air lagi.. zara .. zara.. anak mommy ni kuat orangnye... sayang dier..

my sayangs

mereka ini chenta hati saya.. saya tabley idup tanpa mereka.. mommy sayang you both!.. sgt sgt sgt okeh... mwaahhh

Mothers Day. 10th May 09

Happy mothers day.. to all mothers in the whole world..

happy mothers day mama.. love you so much.. thanks for being sucha loving, sporting & understanding mama! you are the BEST!.. im proud to have a mama like you!...

there you go mama.. a set of makeup + cute ribbon on the top...and it is specially for you.. =)

and for my late mother in law.. al-fatihah and yassin is always with you... as my hubby said.. appreciate them... while they still with you.. and for me.. this is my first year as a mommy.. and yes... i had my pwessie too.. a nite before we had ikan bakar umbai n on may 10, we jalan2 kat melacca with my hubby and dearest daughter.. we had lunch together and zara was soooo baik that day.. even panas giler she didnt cry at all...

to mama and my girl Zara... i love both of you to the bits!



Monday, May 4, 2009

Puteri... ratu hatiku..



balik kampung..

muka happy nk balik kampung.

2nd may 09. balik kampung.. ho ho ho balik kampung... ho ho ho balik kampung hati girang..
yehhh kami sume balik kampung tok kat temerloh sbb ada 2 kenduri kawen sedare mare..
hehe disebabkan en hubby malas nk drive jadi kami naik la sekali kete abah bersempit2 dlm ketenye.. hehehe 2 didepan 5 dibelakang termasuk zara.. =p.. cik zara ni punye la suke dier jalan jauh2 .. dok lame2 dlm kete.. budak lain naik kete tros tdo.. ini dia lagik nk bermain ade la.. hadoila.. jawabnye gilir2 semua pegang zara ikot turn.. kekeke zara regging sume org neh...

Hari melepak dirumah 1st may 2009

hari ni buat pertama kalinye dalam sejarah kami berada dirumah sendiri pada hari cuti dr pagi hingga la malam tanpa pegi umah mama.. huhuhu.. ni semua gara2 rumah dah lama x mop.. so seharian aku ngan be mengemas rumah di tingkat bawah yg amat jarang digunakan.. selalu nya hari2 balik dr keje terus naik atas, makan, lepak, tido sume kat atas... so kat atas tu dah ada mini kitchen n ruang tgk tv yg amatlah selesa utk kami.. huhuhu cuma kalau tetamu dtg je kitorang lepak kat bawah.. bak kata mama apsal x dok comdo je senang .. hehehe.. condo x best plak x de garaj sniri nk belek2 kete. huhuhu.. ari yg sama jugak aku ngan be membersihkan halaman rumah n basuh garaj.. sambil aku dok pegang zara main air.. heheh suke sgt le si puterini kene air...mama dok call aku tanye bile nk balik bile nk balik.. keh keh keh.. adik2 aku sorang demi sorang dtg menjengok.. hahah kalah diorang x jumpe sikecikni.. last2 diorang plak tdo kat umah aku.. esoknye barula aku balik umah mama.. hahaha amat syiok lemak dirumah sendiri rupenye... huhuhu akan kami lepak lagi dirumah kami pada cuti yg akan datang.. =)

hobby cik zara dirumah..

nak call sape ye..

ape mommy tgk2?... ni hp zara la.. mommy g beli yg lain..
ni hobby terbaru zara kat rumah.. asal mommy pegang je hp siaplan nk amik hp tu dr tangan mommy.. pastu kalau mommy amik balik mesti zara jerit kuat2... hahaha ooo da bijak ye anak mommy ni...caaayangg bucuk mommy! mwah

Little Fairy Princess Outdoor Photoshoot

Bibidi-bobidi-boo ♥