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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sascha's Zebra Minnie Mouse Party

tq mama
tq babah
mommy & scha
bestfriend forever
party princess
four of us
zebra minnie cake

love this pic! mamayaya&papapit
blow blow blow the candle
cake cutting. tp birthday girl dah penat. out of mood suda
mamy fara, bonda, mommy & mamy nisa
kak e-car *tq for the lovely cake*

Bibidi-bobidi-boo ♥ Fairy Queen Mommy Zara


iswatie "colours of life" said...

Congrats mommy hosted the lovely party. Even iswatie's family x attend but i believed scha enjoyed the party. Sorry x dpt attend due im stucked at kedah for 2 weeks course plus kids tido that time jd daddy stucked at home. Once i reached kl, i'll pass the present to scha. Kiss to scha!Muasssss

Princess Party Planner said...

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Princess Party Planner said...

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norbaizura said...

party idaman...perfect
setiap tahun i hafal tema besday scha
mmg tak sabar nak tunggu tema tahun depan pulak....(nnt bila scha dah besar...mesti dia menitis air mata melihat akan blog ni yang mana kasihnya seorang ibu terhadap anaknya)....

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