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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Congrats ciksu for your UPSR result.. ♥

Alhamdulillah.. Big congrats to you my dear Ellisa.. my youngest sista..
budak paling malas bace buku dpt 5A..
hehehe ooo bace buku dendiam ehh.. konon2 dpn kitorang malas belajar..
x kisah la ape ape pun.. esha dah dpt the best result!..

take a well-earned bow,my lil sis. you've made all of us proud. May you keep success in future for yourself and not to forget for mama&babah too ♥

to others yg dpt 5A juga.. congrats!!

Bibidi-bobidi-boo ♥ Fairy Queen Mommy Zara


Little Fairy Princess Outdoor Photoshoot

Bibidi-bobidi-boo ♥