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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Father's Day Contest

ERGObaby -All entries can be sent to -1 entry per person; if more than 1 picture is sent, we will choose 1 to be entered -Only first 200 entries can be accepted -Contest closes at 6pm PST on Monday, June 15 -Winner will be announced Friday, June

yehh ... baru ye send them zara's n her dad's nye photo.. hehe..
good luck zara.. good luck en. hubby!.. go go go
they asked for 1 pic tapi bley send lebey n they will choose..
so mommy uploadkan 3 pics.
above tu, pic that i send to the ergo teams..
chaiyok darlings! mwahh


yOkOyOpOyO said...

myra.. zara cam muka daddy jer.. hehehe.. :p

Mea Myra said...

hahaha itule pasal... sumenye ikot daddy.. yg ikot mommy hanye kebolatan nye saje.. kekekeke yg lain abih daddy sape bersih ni kalo ade contest wajah seiras daddy mesti zara compem menang.. huhuhu.. akak tau tak mase zara memule lahir dulu sume ckp ni baby photostate.. hahaha

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