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Friday, January 9, 2009

2009....i should..i will... and i hope..

daddy.. plus.. mommy.. equal to.. OUR BABY..
i love my hubby.. i love my baby..
they both are my treasure.. they're priceless..
they are the reason of my life.. the reason why i should wake up every morning..
the reason i have to be a perfect person.. at least as perfect as i can...
i should be a perfect mommy to our baby... i should be a great wife to my hubby..
i will and always be beside them.. will always be their backbone to support in what ever they're doing.. will always take care of all their needs and wants..

i should breastfeeding my baby everyday and nite.. i shoud give the best for her... till she grow up and become a brilliant and beautiful daughter.. i have to be perfect on my hubby's eyes... i have to be sensitive to his feeling, i need to be strong to share all of his problem and will always be his bestfren so that he will feel more confort to express his emotion .. i hope..he will always love me as much he love me now... hope that this love will remain forever... hope that we will and always be the perfect couple till the end of our days.. hope that we can take care of our little baby till she grow up and become a perfect lady.. hope that love is always around us.. three of us..

May Allah s.w.t will always listen to my pray.. and may HE will fullfill and bless my wish..

love daddy.. love zara!

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