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Friday, January 16, 2009

wearing tudung in public??

surprise.. surprise.. i'm wearing 'selendang' for that ceremony. =p

while waiting for oma and tokbah berchit chat with their long lost bestfriends

ciksu a.k.a bibik for de day.. huhuhu

zara with her oma and tokbah.

surprise.. surprise.. im wearing selendang for this wedding ceremony.. no body force me for it.. it just me.. who suddenly wanna place dat selendang on my hair.. it surprise me as well..
well.. dah lame da nk rase keluar and wear this kindof selendang.. haha weird at first but it end with peaceful feeling... i did surprise my parents as well =p.. kaklong pakai tudung?? hehe dats wot bang to their mind! and its totally can make my mom and dad smile for the whole day.. =p geee.. im pround of my decision.. kekeke but its only for that day.. well, it just a trial session and suddenly it move toward to my mind... " why not i change permenantly? why dont i just wear that tudung ?".. hurmm.. i will.. maybe in this short time.. it's time for me to change.. im a mother to my adorable daughter! im a wife to my lovely husband!.. and im a daughter to my beloved parents.. and i personally believe that i want and i need to change.. i dont care wot people gonna say.. "myra.. tudung? .. x hot momma la nanti!".. well.. .. siapa ckp lady in tudung x bley jd hot momma? boleh je.. hahaha.. so.. dont be supprise if suddenly i change to new myra!.. =)


Reflisia said...

agreed darling wif ur words...saper cakap wear tudung tak hot...??
erm i pun ader terfikir cam u gak darling...
takper nanti kita sesama change our image be hottest..

Mea Myra said...

yup!.. kite sesame change k!..
hehe chaiyok chaiyok..
kite same2 jadi hot lady in tudungs!

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