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Saturday, January 3, 2009

miss him badly!

mase type entry ni be da onde way to melaka.. =( baru je 2 jam be betolak tp rase cm lame sgt sbb tau yg be bkn kt kl.. be blk kg kt melaka, anak busu nk betunang.. esok br be blk sini.. arrrr miss you be! miss you badly.. bet if zara couldt talk.. she will tell you de same thing.. we both miss you so much!.. be balik sni cepat cepat ekk...

tonite, we will sleep without u around..
tonite, i'll prepare the milk for baby by my self..
tonite, im gonna me mummy n daddy for zara..
tonite, there's no gudnite kiss from you...
its a weird feeling to be in this room at nite .. and you're not here!
no body to talk to.. no body to argue with.. and its totally strange!
you have to be here to complete my nite..
come home early be...
we miss you so much..

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