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Friday, March 27, 2009

finally.... "Fine Needle Aspiration for Cytology Result"..

facial nerve

march 26th .. friday..3.oopm on the dot..i was sitting right infront of Doc Shahrir's room waiting for my name to be called... anxious.. worried.. and i'm sooo damn weak by this moment! ..... praying the result is not like wot doctor suspected.. well,miracles can happen sumtimes kan!
at last.. his assistant nurse Virmala called my name... and with this longlai step.. langkah demi langkah at last.. here i am.. he's sitting righ infront of me.. with his big smile.. then he start to talked.. "hasmyra.. sit down.. let me explain to you something"... he said... mama is with me.. so i look at mama n mama angguk n say.. dengar dulu ape doctor nak ckp...
Finally, doctor told me that.. this is not hochkin lymphoma..( thanks to GOD.. i did not suffer the cancer again.... he hear my prayers! Alhamdulillah).. but it known as "Benign Pleomorphic Adenoma" it is a salivary gland tumour and it need to be take out from my neck.. and theres only 1 way to do... is by surgery to remove the tumor..and it cost about RM9,000.00 just for the surgery.. Doctor also mention the risk of this surgery.. facial nerve might be totally injure during this surgery!!... I am physically and mentally torched!!.. so meaning kalau facial nerve rosak, my muka gona be senget forever.. or mata rosak.. or hidung x bleh bau... and if im not doing this surgery, the tumor will grow bigger and will blow up the nerve by it self!! YA ALLAH.. i still need help from YOU.. i need the miracles..

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