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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

Last Sunday we had celebrate father's day and it's specially for TokBah & Daddy.. for tokbah : thanks for become a very loving babah and to daddy.. u are "my hero" ... says zara.. ;)..
we love both of them soo much!.. mommy x tau nk belikan ape utk tokbah n daddy so suddenly mommy decide nk bawa sume org for lunch then bleh calebratekan dedua Heros ni skali gus.. hehe n yeh.. tokbah loveees Irish Lamb stew.. n daddy plak hantu cheese cake so y not to take them to secret recepie... lagipon dah ujung2 bulan.. pocket da x penuh.. ni je la yg termampu nk treat satu family... so by 1pm kami semua ke Secret Recepie..huyehhh... makan2 bosar.. termasuk la my yayang zara.. one giant bun n mushroom soup.. haahaha she starts to make a weird face at first but one after one bite roti tu mcm makin sedap plak nampak.. kekeke... sedap eh sayang??... Thanks to Allah... for this two Hero's... Happy fathers day to all fathers!!

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