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Monday, June 15, 2009

Zara's Milstone..

At 6 months, a baby boy’s height should be around 63-72cm and weight around 6.3kg-9.5kg. A baby girl’s height should be around 62-70.5cm and weight around 5.9-9.2kg. At this stage, growth will slow down with monthly weight gain at 10-20gms and about 1cm increase in height.

Teething Your baby may begin teething now. Keep a look out for tiny white stubs below the gum when your baby’s mouth is open. When you notice your baby’s first teeth, celebrate this milestone by taking a picture and publishing it in MamyPoko’s baby growth chart!

Some symptoms of teething include; drooling, swelling gums, biting, sleeping difficulty and refusing food. Your baby may now become ‘fussy’ due to itchiness experienced during this teething process. To ease your baby’s discomfort, you can give your baby teething biscuits or teething rings.

social & emotional
At six months, babies begin to imitate others. Your baby wants to be like you. Open your mouth and your little one will open his/hers, too. Bang a toy, shake a rattle, splash the bath water, and with a little encouragement, he’ll/she'll delight in following your lead.

Mental & Cognitive
First your baby holds his/her rattle in her left hand, and then switches it to his/her right. It's a game that'll fascinate him/her all day or maybe not. But once you baby marks this mental developmental milestone, more reaching, grabbing and pulling accomplishments are up next!

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