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Friday, March 5, 2010

My 15 Months Baby Zara

~Perangai zara dah macam macam. setiap hari,ade je perangai baru dia...
~Now semua perkataan pon Zara nk sebut tapi x banyak yg betul bunyinya.. banyaknya 'pelat'.. hahaha mcm bubble jadi 'babol'.. assalamualaikum jadi 'tatatum'.. jatuh jadi a'oh..... i love you jadi ai ye yu... dan banyak lagi lah...
~ Zara dah pandai 1-10 tapi selalu skip dr six terus ten.. hahahha bley ek camtu... ABC tetap sama sbb mommy x aja kan lg D.. ;p
~Can feed herself with the use of her fingers but most of the time zara suka guna spoon.
~body parts- eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, tummy & hand je betol.. yg lain semuanya lintang pukang.. kekeke..

"Whirlwind of Activity"

It is easy to expect too much of the 15-month-old child. They look so much different from the crawling infant of a few months ago that many parents think their child "is no longer a baby." And while the 15-month-old child is indeed a whirlwind of activity and curiosity, he or she may lack a sense of danger or fear. Your child will try to climb up furniture (yehh.. zara br je climb up her chair n aim n terus lompat!!.. kusssmangat.. terbenti jap jantung mommy!) or put his or her fingers in electrical sockets (ni lg satu.. setiap masa kene perhatikan dia suka sgt main on off socket!!). Your youngster will touch everything in sight. As a parent, you may not realize what all this means until your child has his or her first temper tantrum, ruins the carpeting or nearly breaks a precious heirloom. Parenting this age is indeed a balancing act, between giving your child freedom to explore while keeping him or her sage.

Bibidi-bobidi-boo ♥ Fairy Queen Mommy Zara

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