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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Daddy sayang!..

Happy 28th Birthday sayang...

Be, even tho sometime... i cant show enuff...
and cant say enuff.. deep down in my heart.. i do care bout you..
Thanks Be, for your passion... for still here beside me..
For your understanding... and for still believing in me...
Thank you for being a person who always concern bout my happiness...
Thank you for always make me as your TOP PRIORITY...
Be.. i do realize that all this while, I've been hurt you so much..
and its countless!!.. I'm sorry be for all my wrong doings.. truly i am..

Be... you're de only one on earth who will sacrifice Everything & Anything for me...
There's no one else could be like you..
you're my precious gem.. priceless!!
I am truly.. madly.. deeply.. in LOVE with you.. so lets celebrate your birthday as fun as we can..
i will complete my promise towards you.. that i will always take care of our precious LOVE..
And i will prove it to you that all of your tenderness is more that worth it..

Be... i promise that you will NEVER ever regret for having me as your
Soul mate!
This is the first year we celebrate your birthday as Married couple..
lets make and keep it as our most meaningful memories..

Have a BLESS BIRTHDAY hubby darling....

Countless LOVE,
30th October 2008


ejan said...

TQ TQ luf mumy..
xde lilin poN..
mwahhhh mwah

Mea Myra said...

huhu.. busyuk da besa.. x yah lilin da.. lilin tuk zara je nanti keh.. =) hehe.. luf daddy too! banyak sangat..mwah!

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