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Thursday, October 16, 2008 dearest hubby..

Ejan my dearest,
this is just a note..
a note to remind
on how how much you
mean to me..

The sun does not compare to
the heated thoughts, the heated that you bring to my soul.
The moons pull has nothing on what you can do,
as you have me wrapped
around your every thoughts.

For you my dearest soul mate,
you are the other half of me..... you complete me totally. Without your smile and feelings, I would be just a husk of a body. My soul would just be false.

Your the most beautiful person inside and out, that i have ever known.
Your soul is pure and full of all that is good.
Your heart... Your heart beats the most amazing rhythm

I lie on your chest and listen to it some times...
Some times when I'm scared, it makes me feel you care.
Some times when I'm sad and feel alone, wrapped in your arms is my only home.

I know that at times in the future we will fight
I know that things might not always seem like there going right
No matter what happens past, present, or future...
You'll be in my heart, i love you now and forever

You, my sweet dear hubby... you make me whole.
The other half of me, the part
that totally completes my very being.

I want nothing more...
I need nothing else...
I only wish..... that u will always remain mine....


-LaDy rAzOr- said...

so sweet.....
ira create sendiri ke?
poem right???
sgt kreatif....sgt terharu!
if mr.belo can do da same thing as u...

Mea Myra said...

hehehe... ira mmg suke anto poem2 kat benjo.. kalau x kt intenet, buat sendiri card pastu tulis poem2.. huhu tapi lepas kawin ni da jarang sgt buat.. mase bercinte dolu2 slalu la.. card sume buat sniri.. pasal en benjo x suke beli card, dier ckp buat sendiri lagi bermakne.. so terkumpul la kat umah tu hasil kerja tangan kitorang berdua.. kekekeke =D

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