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Monday, April 26, 2010

Newbie Golfers ♥

well... new environment, new sets, new hobby.. ;) everything's new..

hellllloooo driving range...!! haha golf course, buggy thingy, green grass...wait for us.. soon will be!!..

and for zara, maybe she can start golfing with mommy & daddy by next yr, by that time mommy dah pro sket, huhuhu and junior golf set pon ada start frm age 3 & above.. so cute!!.. so, for time being zara kene stay with oma while daddy & mommy golfing oke baby!..

Gals!!! lets gossipping while golfing!.


Mommy's: Pinkie Mizuno Efil Ladies Golf set

Daddy's : Adams Tight Lies Golf Set

Bibidi-bobidi-boo ♥ Fairy Queen Mommy Zara


qimie said...

mira, how much is the pink mizuno tuh? beli kat mana? im looking for golf set too!

Mea Myra said...

qimie: bought it au OU old wing.
ada kedai golf sebelah sports outlet.
my friends ckp kat situ a bit expensive kalau bandingkan kedai golf lain, tapi x sure kedai lain ade tak pinkie golf set cm ni.before less pricenya rm2,7++, after less i dpt rm 2078 + rm100 ( sbb nk tuka ke beg yg ni, kalau free beg x de pink) so semua rm 2178. ;) happy shopping!

mummyar said...

cantik sgt...i like pink....cun arr....hehe

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