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Friday, January 8, 2010

Lite Dinner with BFF

Last nite our hubby semua bz working.. huhu
so mommies plak boring kat rumah so we decide to go for a lite dinner at Old Town Bangsar South. ;) lite dinner je taw.. bukan main lama membelek menu.. hahahah ;p bravo hot laddies!!! laf em all ♥
Laf~Lurve~Love Mommy Zara


emy/mamasuri said...

sometime mommies pun kena kuar gak kan..cian zara..sampai tertido2...muahhh

Rizziela said...


lite ajer yer

Ms Jade said...

hehehhe displin sungguh ye
only lite lite meals?
me on the other hand always plan 4 lite but at the end of the day its the most haviest we had ordered!

ms jade

Mea Myra said...

thanks all ;)

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