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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

updates on: 5 days in Mission.

hehe after 5 days in diet mission.. dah membuahkan hasil sikit.. sekurang kurang nya result ni dapat membakar lagi semangat nk berdiet ni. ;) turun sikit in inch & weight. sikit je la ;p.. actual result lagi 1 week ;) hopefully in 1 week times bleh turun lagi..

jadual harian:-

-drink 1 mug of green tea(Includes antioxidant and thermogenic green tea which can helps you stay energised and refreshed while you manage your weight)
- cardio workout on treadmill session for 30 mins / 30 mins swimming
- after 2 hrs,drink 1 mug soy milk or fresh milk low fat or non fat yogurt drink for breakfast.

*-plain water
*-plain water
*-plain water

-eat healthy food. 1/2 cups plain rice with black pepper/ginger grilled chicken/ grilled fish/steam fish and vege soup. (change frm normal cooking oil to olive oil to every meals yg kene guna oil)
-1 green apple
-1 glass of plain water

*-plain water
*-plain water
*-plain water

-drink 1 mug of green tea
- cardio workout on treadmill session for 30 mins
- after 2 hrs,drink 1 mug soy milk or fresh milk low fat or non fat yogurt drink and any light soups for dinner.

and again..
*-plain water
*-plain water
*-plain water

* to achieve my ideal weight i need at least 2 liter of plain water daily!..

Laf~Lurve~Love Mommy Zara


Reflisia said...

wah bagus lah myra...good luck sesama kita nantikan result yang lagi bagus..hehhehe

senioritasara said...

i must say......u look hot already tau.but eating right and healthy mmg penting.go mommy....thanks for the info on calories.i siap save on my desktop ehehhee

Agnes said...

babe try minum air halia dengan madu lagi cepat pemecahan tea memang bagus...keep it up babe...

[-suziey-] said...

OMG..bole tahan lapar ke?tp ur figure doesnt looks like u overweight la(i mean to ideal weight)..ok jek..still vogue:)

p/s: ok xpe..bkn ape..tkt dh lama send tp xdpt.pnh happened my pressie ilang sbb slh address..rugi je..

Haris Zuhaina said...

Myra, cb herbalife pya produk... lg hebat... n yet even pregnant pun leh mkn ni... dgn tekad n kerajinan myra mmg cepat lagi dgn pengambilan produk ni... akak mmg amik ni, tp tak tahan ngan price dia lah... huhuhu

E.L.I.Z.A said...

wah..bagus bagus...15kg nk kena turun agak byk gak x mustahil..chiayo2

deena awanis said...

good start kak myra!!


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