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Friday, August 21, 2009

Introducing your baby to "Baby Yoplait "

Introducing your baby to solids

From six months onwards, babies need more than just breast milk and may start to show signs they're ready for their next nutritional step, such as putting objects in their mouth, needing more frequent feeds or reaching for your food as you eat.


Your baby's first introduction to solid food needs to be mild and gentle. Kate Di Prima recommends trialling foods like puréed fruits and vegetables, baby rice cereal and yogurt - all of which have a smooth, easy to swallow consistency. Baby Yoplait yogurt is thicker than most normal yogurts to make it easier for babies, and comes in six delicious flavours - Rhubarb Apple, Apricot, Vanilla, Banana, Peach and Pear.


We all want to eat healthily, but for babies, eating well is giving them essential nutrients so they can grow. Foods free of processed sugar and preservatives and full of protein and calcium will all contribute to your baby's health and wellbeing. The mix of protein in Baby Yoplait is especially formulated to be closer to that of breast milk, and contains 24% of the recommended dietary intake of calcium for infants*. Baby Yoplait also contains no added sugar - just the natural taste of fruit and milk.


At around 8-9 months, babies will start to pick things up - letting your bub dip their own piece of cooked apple into Baby Yoplait allows them to practice using their hand and eye co-ordination. Plus, with Baby Yoplait's thick formula, as they learn to use a spoon, it may mean less of a mess for you!


If you're stuck for ideas on how to feed your baby, here are some serving suggestions from Kate Di Prima.

  1. As a dip
    • cut banana or peeled cooked pear into sticks and let baby dip into Baby Yoplait yogurt
  2. Serve Baby Yoplait
    • with grated apple and carrot (blend for young babies)
    • with chopped sultanas and chopped dried apricots (hint: to soften dried fruit, soak in warm water for a few minutes)
  3. Use Baby Yoplait as a sauce or spread
    • over pikelets or mini muffins
    • over fruit toast instead of margarine
  4. As a mix in
    • stewed apple, apricot, pear and prunes, add 1 tablespoon of Baby Yoplait yogurt to 1 tablespoon mixture
    • mash avocado and banana together and add Baby Yoplait yogurt
  5. Frozen yogurt or thickened yogurt
    • blend fresh fruit through vanilla Baby Yoplait and freeze for warm days
    • add gelatine to Baby Yoplait and place in mould to give it shape and firmness


Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

dis is good.ive posted abt baby yoplait at my previous post.i bagi ryan mamam ni masa 7months.y dun u try pasta plak,my son mamam baby shaped pasta Heinz ms 6months.very fine texture..

Mea Myra said...

yes dear.. just read urs =)ur blog fulls of babies info..luv it! zara is about 8 month so dah bleh try mamam banyak type of food... i tried HEINZ pasta several times, but sauce dia mcm x best sgt so i made myself =) hehe.. yes.. very fine texture..

||♥Shahida♥|| said...

hmmm..leh cuba tak pernah nmpak jual kt nerr.leh kasi info x..thanks

Mea Myra said...

hi shahida.. ade jual kat cold storage atau mane2 hypermarket. =) try la.. mommy yg rasa pon yummy gak.. hehe

mama uzma said...

awk nak cari tu kat bahagian mana yer...??nak try kat uzma gak la..

skang pun dah mula ajar dia mcm2..
yg pasta tu pun bg..tapi dia kureng berselara sgt...geram tul..hihi....

Mea Myra said...

mama_uzma.. hehe pasta tu kalau bg zara ngan white souce pon dia mcm tanak sgt so myra buat sniri, buat cheese sauce.. beli chedar cheese kraft, hiris2 masak dgn fresh milk dutchlady.(yg color hijau tu).. masak sampai cheese tu melt.. pastu makan ngan pasta tu.. sedap..=) baby bagus makan cheese.. kalau nk terus bg cheese saja pun boley.. bg dia cheese stick.. yummy!!!..

baby yoplait bleh cr kat bahagian yogurt/drinks/cheese..kat cold storage, kat hypermarket mcm tesco pun ada..

mama uzma said...

terharu sgt nak kongsi2 info...
ni berkobar2 nak watkan tuk uzma
nih..mesti uzma suka nanti...sbb
uzma dah susut sgt sejak demam teruk hari tuh..huhu...

lg satu..leh ye baby mkn cheese mcm tu saje..??

tq sgt2 ye...

Mea Myra said...

ble le dear.. cheese banyak calsium, bagus tuk baby yg nk membesar especially yg br tumbuh gigi.. so tulang n gigi bleh jadi kuat.. tgk anak2 mat saleh, kecik2 lagi dah aja makan cheese stick.. makan cmtu je..

try la..

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