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Friday, August 14, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with TOYS Contest

Name: Zara Iris Delisha
D.O.B: Dec 01, 08
Age: 8 month

Zara suke sgt dgn talking bunny, ms butterfly & ring ring!.. kalau zara nangis trus bg dia pegang talking any of these toys ..dan pasti senyap.. Mr bunny ni da jadi best fren zara since kecik.. penghibur kala sunyi.. ye la mommy, daddy, tokbah, oma, aunties n uncle sume keje so zara tingal rumah sama bibik.. so kalau bibik buat keje zara borak2 ngan bunny je la.. dats y mr bunny completes her day!

Write your opinion about the usage of TOYS in early childhood learning:
Toys is important for infant developments.. colorful toys can attract their interest. in the same time they learn to recognize colors.. so its part of learning activity as well.. any toy can be a learning toy.. maybe from coloring books and building blocks on or even a doll. Educational toys enhance intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

For those yg nk join, pls refer to these links:

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E.L.I.Z.A said...

cute nya zara ngan toys...gud luck zara!

myra, eli confirm akan join contest myra..nk test nasib hehe mane tau dpt bju =D..tgh tggu masa yg sesuai nk buat entri..tgh kejar dateline contest yg dh nk tutup heheh
**byk tul eli join ..harap² melekat la 1

unlisted_one said...

Salam,...u have a v. nice blog!
btw, u sama DOB dgn mine..what a coincidence..good luck w the contest ok!

[-suziey-] said...

so sweet her stripes legging..ouh i like..comel sgt zara...good luck ok :)

wina said...

zara pun join contest ni ye? hihi...gud luck!

Mea Myra said...

halu aunty2 sume.. hehehemaceh maech.. gope b;ey le terlekat gambo zara kt final.. hehe banyak ni mommy pertaruhkan gambo =p

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