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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

updates on Beautiful baby contest!

sila amik perhatian.. myra banyak terima notes yg mengatakan myra x jengok lg entry diorang.. im deeply sorry sbb x sempat nk tinggalkan any notes kt dlm entry tu.. the truth is... myra dah jengok almost of the entry yg joined.. dats y myra announce to all mommies to check ur babies photo on 29 august ni..lately ni myra teramatlah bz dgn urusan comp. so plss mommies.. harap faham keh.. =) gudluck n dun forget to check de updates on 29.
Thanks all!.. mwahhh


Gieyana said...

ok..kita masih belum wat entry lagi..tak per..take ur time k..

Zetty84 said...

it's okay dear... ;p

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